Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint. When I paint with it, it feels like I am using a hybrid of watercolors and oil paints or acrylics. I just love this medium! I often add touches of colored pencil to the final layer as well to highlight the nuances of each individual animal's coat and features.  

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 9.21.45 AM.png

"Paka" 8x10 gouache + colored pencil


"Rosie" 8x10 gouache + colored pencil

"Penny" 11x14 gouache + colored pencil

"Tanzanite" 8x8 gouache

"Boss" 8x8 gouache


"Jasper" 2x3in gouache+colored pencil


"Bella" 8x10 gouache + colored pencil